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What if you could change from the inside out?

  • Interested in natural living & holistic health {but you’re not sure where to begin?}
  • Are you a passionate & dedicated yogi {who’s feeling a bit lost lately}?
  • Do you feel like you need to hit a reboot button on your teaching {& your life}?
  • Are you ready to make some real, lasting changes that will transform your life {in a whole different way}?

Well, you’re in the right place if:

  • you thirst for personal growth & self transformation {& you’re all about changing from the inside out}
  • you’re an open-minded yogi {or yogini} who’s ready to challenge the status quo
  • you’ve got a strong desire to help people heal with yoga {naturally, of course!)
  • you desire a balanced & sustainable lifestyle {but aren’t quite sure what that means}

I’m Sean Guinan, L.Ac., founder of Holistic Yogi, and believe you me, I’ve been right where you’re at! I’m a yoga educator, pediatric acupuncturist, and natural living expert by trade, but what I really do is help passionate yogi’s & holistic enthusiasts live into their fullest potential with confidence, clarity, & ease.

I am all about helping this world heal, one yogi at a time! The name of the game is a powerhouse of mindful living, holistic medicine, & yogi education.

Get started by checking out our Your Life, Your Purpose Online Course, and reviewing our Yin Yoga for Real People Teacher Certification Programs, or In’s & Out’s Yoga Teacher Mentor Programs.